We support the development of safe communities for all Texas families

Texas families need the opportunity to grow and flourish in a safe environment without the fear of violence or discrimination.  Texas has one of the highest rates of both human trafficking and missing children in the country.  Nearly 200 children went missing across the state last year.  While some are returned to their families thanks to the efforts of law enforcement and programs like the Amber Alert system, many are never found and end up being trafficked domestically or taken to other countries.  Statewide studies estimate that there are over 300,000 victims of human trafficking in Texas.  This criminal activity destroys lives and families. 

If our legislators are truly serious about protecting Texans from criminals they must also institute adequate funding for the statewide backlog of untested rape kits.  We can no longer allow rapists to attack victims for years while the state holds the evidence to convict them.

Too many of our residents face struggles because of a lack of basic infrastructure and access to necessities.  The Texas Water Development Board needs more funding to connect hundreds of towns to clean water access. 

One can't talk about safe communities in Texas without mentioning gun safety. We believe that common sense laws should be enacted to keep our citizens safe from gun violence. We can do more and we support these efforts.

Also, many of our low income areas have sparse access to fresh quality food.  Measures to assist these food desert communities have recently been shot down in the state legislature.  Legislators must consider these measures again in the next session including targeted community projects, and vendor partnerships.

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