Texas is a beautiful state and we will work to preserve it for our children

Texas is a beautiful state and it must be preserved for generations to come. Our state legislators must consider the long term environmental factors of any new policies as well as work to repair the damage already done. Air and water quality are vital to the well-being of our families and must be protected, and in some cases repaired, from the detrimental effects of pollution from refineries, chemical plants and oil spills.

Over 500,000 Texas children and millions of adults suffer from asthma. While the energy industry is vital to the Texas economy it must work in partnership with good health and environmental policy. These two sides are not opposed. We applaud the green energy initiatives by our historical oil & gas companies but recognize there is a long road ahead. Many Texas cities, especially Austin, Georgetown and Denton have recently committed to smart green energy policy by investing in utility-scale solar and wind energy.

Water pollution Is is rampant across the state. Unfortunately we are ranked first in the nation for industrial waste dumping. The combination of irresponsible state and local policy and a lack of oversight and enforcement have allowed many of our waterways to become unsafe for swimming, wildlife and drinking water. Statewide, about half of major industrial facilities release illegal levels of pollutants into our water. These include industrial chemicals including chromium 6, biological hazards like e. coli, and radioactive waste such as radium and uranium which are known to cause serious health effects including cancer.

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