Texas needs a strong public education system with safe schools and world-class teachers

Texans have always been committed to a strong public education system. In 1826 our forefathers listed the lack of public education as one of the reasons to declare independence from Mexico. We must continue this legacy of strength through education to ensure future generations have the necessary tools to succeed.

However, our state legislators continuously write short-sighted fiscal policy with no regard for the future. The Robin Hood school finance program has left our school districts in financial danger. At the same time families across the state are suffocated under the heavy burden of property taxes.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) refuses to provide the funding for our necessary programs. Students who need special education account for 13% of enrollment but the TEA penalizing districts that identify more than 8.5% of enrollment as students who need special education. By not giving these students the tools they need we have left them struggling with poor reading and math skills and jeopardize their chances to graduate and become productive adult



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