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The GOP has Gone Full Chicken

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

by Texas Family Project

Lieutenant Chicken Dan Patrick

The Texas GOP is scared. The 2018 elections showed that the impending blue tide is real and set to dominate Texas politics for years to come. In response, the GOP has increasingly resorted to cowardly tactics to pass bills that would otherwise be met with angry protesters and little public support.

One example of this is the no-notice hearing for SB1978, to revive the so-called “Save Chick-fil-A” bill. This controversial bill would grant license to any business or licensed professional to discriminate under the guise of religious freedom.

This last-minute hearing was called with no notice given and therefore no chance for the public to make comments, offer feedback, or organize a protest.

SB 1978 was immediately voted through committee, along party lines, making it eligible for a vote by the full Senate next week.

SB1978 is a half-cocked reaction to the city of San Antonio’s decision last year to boot Chick-fil-A from it’s airport after its president, Dan Cathy, made anti-LGBT remarks. This bill would protect the bigotry of corporations and strip the ability of municipalities to respond accordingly. In effect, it would silence the public voice.

There are only a handful of businesses that try to stand against the tide of inclusion. Most business, including some of America’s largest companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook make it very clear that they do not support bills that discriminate:

"We will continue to oppose any unnecessary, discriminatory, and divisive measures that would damage Texas' reputation and create problems for our employees and their families. These include policies that explicitly or implicitly allow for the exclusion of LGBTQ people, or anyone else."

Bills like SB1978 only serve to invite discrimination. They have no place in a free and equal society and are a stepping stone on the path to fascism. They also have a proven detrimental effect on our economy.

It’s no wonder why the GOP resorts to these cowardly tactics to pass unpopular bills. This year protesters have swarmed the capitol in a way we’ve never seen before. And rightly so. Texans are tired of politicians who don’t represent them faithfully, constantly try to silence the public voice, and cling to power through gerrymandering and voter suppression.

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Even chicken restaurants.

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