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The Case for Political Correctness

by Texas Family Project

In the last year Texans have seen an unprecedented increase in the violation of basic civil rights. Every day we see examples of hate speech, denial of services and benefits and a disregard for the welfare and dignity of our minority groups. While social media shines a glaring spotlight on these ugly indignities our elected officials have been slow to respond, or in some cases, negated or even endorsed these affronts to our values. Many don’t want to be seen as bending to the will of the current fashion of political correctness.

But that political correctness serves a purpose in our modern society. It serves as a moral yardstick whereby we hold each other accountable in the way we treat others, especially those who are different than ourselves or more vulnerable.

When we embrace our differences we become stronger as a society, especially as we grow more diverse with each generation. 49% of Texans under the age of 19 are Hispanic, 12% are African American and another 6% are Asian, multiracial or some other race.

The future success and prosperity of our state will rely greatly on whether or not we embrace this diversity and allow our kids to flourish, no matter where they come from or what they look like. We need a government that will recognize, protect and embrace our young diverse population.

But we are far from that goal.

Hate and bigotry are evident throughout Texas. Police brutality, high minority incarceration rates and our inhumane treatment of immigrants are just some of the symptoms of Austin’s indifference. African-Americans are beaten and shot in McKinney and Dallas while law enforcers make excuses. Hispanic children are ripped away from their parents by ICE and CBP units along the border. Muslim mosques are desecrated in Arlington and Houston. Same-sex couples face continuous opposition to their claims for basic family rights.

When our leaders take an active role in true inclusion and respect we will see the positive reflection of that throughout every level of society and, eventually, an end to these injustices.

We need Austin to protect the civil rights of all Texas families regardless of race, religion, and sexual identity. Texans demand that our legislators recognize political correctness can also mean that politics play a part in correcting ills in our society. If they don’t, Texans will correct the mistake of electing those politicians.

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