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Texas Family Project Endorses Neeta Sane for Tax Assessor-Collector of Fort Bend County

Texas Family Project is proud to endorse Neeta Sane for Fort Bend County Tax Assessor- Collector. Ft Bend County can be found just south of Houston with Sugarland being the largest city inside the county.

Although it has been a traditionally Democratic leaning county, Republicans have been beginning to win some seats there. Therefore, we believe we must have strong progressive candidates in the race and why we endorse Neeta Sane.

The Tax Assessor Collector is an agent for the state and has the role of assessing property values, collecting property taxes, automobile/truck and trailer taxes, vehicle registration fees and beer/wine & liquor fees as well as entering into contracts with school, cities, and special districts to collect their jurisdictions' taxes. Read below about Neeta’s background and why we think she is the best person for the job.

Neeta says “I am running to bring transformative leadership, modernization & excellence to the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office to make the tax services easy-to-use and effective for taxpayers with an emphasis on saving taxpayers time and money. I promise to be a strong advocate for taxpayers and my objective is to help reduce the tax burden on taxpayers via exemptions, valuations, partnerships with taxing entities, and periodic informative and input sessions with taxpayers. With my progressive outlook and unwavering commitment to public service with transformative leadership and extensive diverse collaborations, I am looking forward to bringing my expertise and experience to the Tax Office to benefit all residents of Fort Bend.”

“My 12-year elected public service as HCC Trustee (2007-2019), representing my constituents with a strong voice & delivering promises, includes effective oversight of $350M annual budget & resources for employees & constituents; reducing tax burden with exemptions; launching workforce and leadership programs for youth, women, seniors, veterans, and under served population; establishing my endowment scholarship and building diverse collaborations. I am humbled and honored to have received many honors from governmental & community entities for my leadership & service. I have an MBA in Finance & Accounting and I am a certified Life Coach. I am a management consultant specializing in business strategy, planning & execution.”

“I am a long-time active Democrat, trailblazer 2006 Fort Bend Democratic Nominee, and a proven Democratic voter and leader. I have led several initiatives for women empowerment for equal opportunities in health and career. As the only qualified and accomplished Democrat in this race, I am looking forward to becoming the Democratic Party nominee.”

“My campaign’s biggest need is to ensure that Democrats are well informed of why this race is important for them and to ensure that they vote in the Democratic Primary.” Please visit Neeta’s Website to learn more about her and to donate to her campaign. Also check out her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Election Day information:

Early voting Feb 18-28, 2020, Voting locations are listed here.

Election Day March 3, 2020, Voting locations are listed here.

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