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Texas Family Project Endorses Michael Callaway for Denton County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Texas Family Project is pleased to announce our endorsement of Michael Callaway for Justice of the Peace in Denton County, Precinct 4.  The JP court system deals with evictions, truancy, speeding tickets and small claims court.  While these cases may be considered “small” in comparison to criminal cases or cases that go before the Texas Supreme Court, to the families involved they are huge and life changing.

Michael knows that the Justice of the Peace's job is not to create the law.  If there are laws that need to be changed around evictions, truancy or speeding tickets, then those issues must be taken up in the Texas House and the Texas Senate.  His commitment to Texas families is that regardless of your race, religion, economic standing or who you love, all will be treated equally.  The only issues that will matter are the facts that are presented and what the law says about those facts.

The JP court system also impacts families by deciding if it will perform marriages or not.  In Texas the Justice of the Peace can choose to marry everyone or can choose to marry no one.  Michael knows that what a court cannot do is say that they will marry everyone but gays and lesbians.  His commitment will be to marry everyone and give them the ceremony that is worthy of their day.  While he is a Christian, that may not be the religion of the couple getting married.  The marriages in his court will not be based on personal religious views, but rather by the law of the great state of Texas. 

Texas Family Project knows Michael Callaway will serve Denton County by adhering to Texas law while honoring couples as they start their lives together:

"The location of JP4 is a beautiful spot, I hope that we will be a wedding destination for communities that desire a wedding that fits them and is given the respect it is due.
If elected to service as Justice of the Peace in Denton County, I will be a judge that is fair, informed and follows the law.  I will make sure that a good process is followed and that there is consistency with the results.  No one’s case will be determined by outside factors that have no basis in law or in facts.  Protecting family values means protecting all families, not just the ones that look like mine."
-Michael Callaway

Michael Callaway for Denton County Justice of the Peace Pct 4 Web Site

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