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Texas Families Forced to Choose: Divorce or Lose Health Care

by Ramona Thompson

Candidate Endorsed by Texas Family Project

Is divorce the answer? When it comes to family healthcare, it shouldn’t be. Yet that is what one young couple from Sanger are considering in order to afford the kind of healthcare their special needs daughter requires to survive.

They would be the first to tell you their nine year marriage is a happy one, but this Army veteran and his wife cannot afford the medical costs that their daughter needs. Their oldest daughter requires full time care which prevents her mother from being able to take a job.

The father has a good job, but his income of $40,000 is not enough to cover their living expenses and medical bills even though they have health insurance. The out of pocket expenses are up to $15,000 a year. Divorce is a last ditch effort to get the health care coverage needed for their daughter.

The divorce would enable the mother and their two daughters to be eligible for federal healthcare assistance, something they as a couple make too much money to qualify for now. After the divorce the mother will be a single, unemployed parent of two and will then qualify for assistance. The hope is that this will put an end to the anguish of opening medical

bills and wondering where the money to pay for them will come. That, and the rejection letters from their insurance company which would strain any family.

Now this family has come up with what they fear is their best solution, even though that solution will tear the family apart.

We are a nation that proclaims families are a priority, yet the lack of affordable healthcare is tearing this family apart. As a nation we must correct this injustice. We must elect representatives who understand the true cost of our healthcare crisis. It could happen to any of us.

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