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Texas Fails to Protect Women's Rights and Lives

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

by Texas Family Project

Women’s rights are under attack across the country, especially here in Texas. The Texas GOP establishment is notorious for enacting some of the country’s most restrictive and draconian laws restricting women’s rights, maternity care and abortion access.

As other states pass devastating legislation this year, history shows us that Texas GOP lawmakers will not stand being out-done and will soon pass horrific laws that have previously died in committee. This will soon prove to be dangerous. Since Texas defunded Planned Parenthood and other family planning programs, maternal mortality rates have skyrocketed. The Republican-held legislature has yet to pass anything that remotely helps curb this trend.

Numerous studies show that when programs like Planned Parenthood are defunded or shut down, women suffer. While maternal mortality rates are on the rise nationwide, Texas has seen an alarming spike in the last five years.

After the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) abortion rates in America hit an all time low since Roe V. Wade, proving that access to affordable contraception and family planning counseling works and restrictive abortion laws do not. Yet Texas has failed to expand Medicaid session after session. If these lawmakers really wanted to decrease the rate of abortion and maternal mortality, they would focus more on laws that give Texas women access to healthcare and promote science-based sex education.

It’s time to start having an honest conversation about reproductive rights.

This fight is not about protecting the embryo.

It’s about controlling the woman.

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