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One Last Push for Pre-Existing Conditions

by Texas Family Project

Last week while we were watching William Barr testify before the senate, he was busy doing something even more destructive. On Wednesday, the Department of Justice requested before a federal appeals court, that the entire Affordable Care Act be struck down. This action, based on an unprecedented and embarrassing ruling by a Texas judge last year, would jeopardize access to health care for millions of Americans.

It’s clear that as long as the GOP maintains its stranglehold on the federal government we remain in jeopardy of losing any protections we have against attacks on our health care. Texans must act now to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable among us.

This is why Texas Family Project continues to pressure the Texas Legislature to protect affordable coverage for Texans with pre-existing coverage. Before the 2019 session ends there is still time to let your legislators know that HB 565 and SB 145, which include pre-existing conditions protection among other healthcare necessities, must get out of committee and passed through both houses.

Our great state is 45th among all the states in healthcare. Instead of leading the way we are falling way behind. Once these bills are passed in to law, we will join the 23 other states that currently protect coverage for their citizens with pre-existing conditions.

Here's how you can help:

Donate to Texas Family Project. With your support we can promote this legislation and back the legislators who will push for coverage of preexisting conditions in Texas.

Call and write your legislators and tell them all Texans deserve this protection.

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