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Getting Personal in the Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

by Gina Daly, TFP Board Member

As the 86th legislative session ends and Pride month begins, where does Texas stand on protections for its LGBTQ+ citizens? Far from where we need to be. In 2019 there were at least 19 anti-LGBTQ+ bills filed by Texas legislators in Austin.

This should concern us all but this is especially personal to me because my daughter lives here in Texas with her wife. As any mama will attest, if you hurt my child you hurt me. They want to foster and adopt children to start a family but will undoubtedly face roadblocks here in Texas.

These bills are insidious in that without delving into them you would not immediately see how much they could hurt the LGBTQ+ community. Senate Bill 1978, for example, is a discrimination bill masquerading as a religious freedom bill. Somehow we have accepted saying “it's against my religion” as a license to treat people unfairly. Other bills threaten city workers and local control by overriding a city’s nondiscrimination ordinances.

I do not understand why the conservatives feel so threatened by people who just want to live their lives in peace with the same rights as everyone else. How does this affect anybody else's rights?

For the first time ever an LGBTQ caucus formed in the Texas state house this year and fought hard to counter many of the discriminatory bills filed. I’m glad to say there were some successes but I know conservatives will keep hammering away to get bills passed that further their hateful agenda.

That’s why I support Texas Family Project and efforts to protect the rights of all Texans. We can make a difference and it starts by educating voters as well as supporting and electing strong pro-LGBTQ+ rights legislators. Please join the fight in whatever way you can; volunteer, donate, share, and speak out.

Because this fight is personal for us all.

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