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Flipping the House with Brandy Chambers

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Texas Family Project is proud to announce our endorsement and selection of Brandy Chambers, running to be the Representative of Texas HD 112, as the first winner of our Find the Nine Campaign.

Flipping the Texas House WILL impact Texan's lives for the years to come. This is one of the most important things we can accomplish in 2020! Brandy Chambers is one of the nine House candidates who can make this accomplishment a reality.

Brandy is a mom fighting to protect her daughter’s future, an employment lawyer who has spent her career protecting workers’ rights, and a candidate for Texas House District 112, running to bring real representation to Austin - representation that’s accountable to voters and not donors.

In 2018, Brandy came within two points of beating a 5-year incumbent despite few resources and outside support. Now, thanks to her boots-on-the-ground work, House District 112 is one of the most flippable districts in Texas and one of the nine Progressives need to win to take back control of the Texas House. With your help, we can reset the priorities of the Texas Legislature and work to expand Medicaid, fully fund our public schools, end map manipulation, and offer real property tax relief to Texans.

Join #TeamBrandy by signing up at her Website . There you can volunteer for phone banks, postcard writing, or texting. You can also follow Brandy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Election information:

Early voting - October 13 to October 30

Election Day - November 3

At any Dallas County polling location

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