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Don't Look Away

by Texas Family Project

On July 12, over 250 people gathered at the Creekwood Christian Church in Flower Mound for the Lights for Liberty vigil. We gathered for many reasons that night. We gathered to protest the detention of migrants seeking asylum on our border right here in Texas. We gathered to protest the treatment of the asylum seekers housed in cramped detention camps without adequate water, food, hygiene products, etc. We gathered to remember and mourn the loss of life due to horrendous conditions migrants face in these camps. For many, we gathered because we do not know what else to do.

After the vigil, the news continued to pour in regarding the immigration crisis. The Trump administration is making it even more difficult for asylum seekers from Central America by requiring that they claim asylum in Guatemala and Mexico first. The Dallas Morning News recently reported that a U.S. Citizen and Dallas resident was detained for three weeks by ICE after traveling to Mexico with friends for a soccer scouting event. Families across the country are being ripped apart by ICE raids.

Meanwhile, many of our elected officials turn a blind eye. Dr. Michael Burgess (R-TX26) recently stated in an interview that the children being detained were “free to leave at any time, but they don’t….because they are well taken care of.” This is a blatant disregard for the suffering of migrants in deplorable conditions.

It is easy to get distracted by the many other issues we constantly face. It is tempting to be distracted by another racist tweet or blowhard pundit. It is easy to go on with our busy lives and forget about the crisis at the border. But we can't. Tens of thousands of migrant children and families rely on us to protect their well-being and safety.

Don’t look away.

Here are some ways you can stay involved:

Donate to Texas Family Project and help us elect Texas lawmakers who will work to stop the criminalization of migrants and asylum seekers.

Support or Volunteer with organizations assisting migrants on the border:

  • RACIES: This Texas-based organization offers free and low-cost legal services to immigrant children. www.raicestexas.org

  • The Texas Civil Rights Project: This organization has been using legal advocacy and litigation to help families separated at the border. www.texascivilrightsproject.org

  • National Immigrant Justice Center: This program fights for policy reform ad provides legal services for immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers. www.immigrantjustice.org

Contact your elected officials and let them know that this injustice and brutality is not the way Texans treat our neighbors.

Stay informed to be ready for an immigration situation in your area and spread the word:

Texas Families Need Your Help

People across our state are coming together to stand up for what they believe is right.Your donation will support Texas families by:

  • Defending the Rights of ALL Texas Families

  • Educating Texas voters

  • Promoting progressive state and local campaigns

Support our ongoing mission with your donation.

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