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Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions is in Trouble

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

On Friday, Justice Reed O’Connor of the Federal District Court in Fort Worth, struck down the Affordable Care Act, and the coverage for pre-existing conditions it guarantees.

This case, brought by 20 Republican governors and led by Texas, was over the individual mandate to purchase healthcare coverage. Justice O'Connor ruled the mandate unconstitutional and, in an extraordinary step, struck down the entire Affordable Care Act.

This ruling shows the lengths that opponents of the Affordable Care Act will go to destroy it, regardless of the consequences for millions of families across the nation. Justice O’Connor’s decision creates uncertainty over health coverage for millions of Americans and is potentially devastating to Texas Families.

At the state level we can protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions from right-wing attempts to destroy our health care. Texas should join 23 other states that already guarantee this necessary coverage through state law.

This January, as the 2019 session begins, Texas Family Project will pressure our state legislature to pass measures that guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Join the fight by donating today and together we will protect the coverage of pre-existing conditions for all Texas families.

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