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Choosing Profits Over Patients: GOP Health Care Policy in Texas

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

by Texas Family Project

Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, is working to kill our health care protections. He hates that the Affordable Care Act prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage to Americans with pre-existing conditions. Paxton is hell bent on bringing back the days when insurance companies could and would drop coverage in the middle of life saving treatment, or flat out deny coverage to those with the most benign conditions.

Paxton and Trump’s DOJ won’t be content until we again fear that we are only one diagnosis away from losing our insurability. One diagnosis away from crippling debt or even bankruptcy.

Pre-existing conditions include everything from mental health to pregnancy. It is estimated that over 4.5 million Texans under the age of 65 have pre-existing conditions that would render them uninsurable if the current protections enacted by the Affordable Care Act are revoked. Taking away these protections will have a devastating effect on millions of Texans and their families.

Texas is already leading the country with the number of uninsured; Paxton’s suite will cause even more Texans to be without coverage. Our hospitals are already burdened by the amount of uncompensated care given to patients with no insurance or means to pay. This will become exponentially worse when chronic illnesses become exacerbated or even life-threatening and the uninsured are forced in to emergency rooms.

The GOP and Paxton’s position on healthcare is not only asinine, it is heartless and part of a sick ideology.

Join our fight to replace Paxton and any other representative who is willing to put corporate profits and greed above the necessary care and protections we Texans deserve.

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