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Austin Prioritizes Bigotry over Kids

by Melissa D, Contributor

Texas Family Project

Tens of thousands of Texas children need homes with loving families.

But our politicians in Austin don’t care. They would rather these children remain in a broken foster care system than be placed with loving families with open arms.

In the 2017 legislative session, HB 3859 was passed into law. This law made it legal for adoption and foster care organizations that receive funds from the state to discriminate against same-sex couples, non-Christian couples, or any other person who does not meet the religious standards of the organization. Potential parents can even be denied for being single or divorced.

This law only became “necessary” in the eyes of Texas legislature because Texas has reached out to faith-based organizations to meet the child welfare needs of the state. According to Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, 25% of of the state’s child welfare organizations are faith-based. Perry sponsored HB 3859 because he claimed to fear that these organizations may refuse to participate in child welfare services if they are not legally allowed to discriminate as they wish.

The larger question then becomes, why is Texas dependent on faith-based organizations to take responsibility for issues that are within the state’s domain? Why is Texas directly funding organizations that discriminate?

Texas legislators are obviously willing to accept discrimination under the guise of reducing the cost of child welfare services. This policy of negligence and institutional hate accomplishes nothing other than to discriminate against loving families with hearts open to our most vulnerable children.

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