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Updated: Mar 4, 2019

On January 25th, Acting Texas Secretary of State David Whitley issued a press release questioning the citizenship status of 95,000 of the states registered voters. Whitley went on to falsely claim 58,000 non-citizens have voted in Texas elections since 1996.

But this release was based on DPS data that was collected before many of these citizens become naturalized. The DPS data has since been debunked by county election officials across the state. County election officials have already confirmed the citizenship status of 60% of the Harris County voters included in the DPS report. Officials in Waco have confirmed all of the McLennan County voters on the list are citizens.

Let’s be clear: This is another GOP attempt to suppress legal minority voters.

It’s no surprise that Governor Abbott and Attorney General Paxton are standing by the report even after election officials have proved it to be based on incorrect and outdated data. The state is now being sued over this boondoggle by voters' rights groups like the ACLU.

Whitley, who previously served as Abbott’s Deputy Chief of Staff, is now serving as Acting Secretary of State. Whitley’s confirmation hearings began on February 7th.

For Whitely to pass confirmation he will need at least 2 Democrats to vote in his favor. With this false report looming over his hearings it is far from certain that he can find the support he needs from Democrats.

Texas Family Project urges all Texans who value Democracy and the integrity of our voting system to call Austin and tell your Senators to vote against Whitley’s confirmation.

We must not allow our state to be controlled by partisan bureaucrats who will subvert our rights and votes!

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