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Texas Family Project is proud to partner with Lights for Liberty. This worldwide event will include Inspirational speeches from local religious leaders, activists, and organizers. 


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Lights for Liberty: Flower Mound is sponsored by Texas Family Project as part of our community outreach program to educate Texans on the crisis at our southern border.


Together in unity and solidarity we will shine a light on the horrific abuses and inhumane conditions that refugees are facing at the border camps.

But This Effort Needs Your Ongoing Support!

1. Donate to organizations in your area that are doing frontline support work for migrants and those in detention. Make it a monthly donation if you can. Click here for a full list of sponsors.

2. Call your US representatives and senators daily and demand an end to US concentration camps, accountability for DHS, ICE and CBP, and an end to the human detention for all migrants.

3. Volunteer with a local immigration rights advocacy organization. Our host organizations are a good place to start.

4. Activate within your community by organizing with your neighbors, your friends and your colleagues for ongoing action against detention camps in your area.

5. Engage in non-violent civil disobedience for as long as it takes to close every detention camp. Organize local protests, sit-down strike, and ongoing action at ICE, CBP, and local representative office, and local detention camps, and support those who do with money, amplification on social media, media access and coverage, and your time. We can provide networks and resources to support these efforts.