Health Care Rights

All Texas families deserve affordable world class healthcare

Every Texan family deserves affordable and quality healthcare. The lack of preventative medicine and quality care has a drastic effect on our labor force leaving our families at risk of economic hardship.

Our hospitals are burdened with uncompensated care from catastrophic illnesses and traumas, this prevents Texas from providing the necessary resources to care for you and your family.

Women's healthcare has been under siege. Governor Abbott and the Texas legislature have created numerous barriers for women to obtain essential healthcare needs, including access to birth control and life saving cancer screenings.

Because of this assault on women's health maternal mortality rates in Texas rival those in third world countries. Due to the failed policies in Austin mothers are dying at astronomical rates leaving behind children that are many times forced to rely on our government for financial support or worse yet, have to be placed in our broken foster care system.

The Texas Legislature has a moral responsibility to expand Medicaid, eliminate the coverage gap, fully fund Planned Parenthood and other women's health initiatives, and ensure every Texan has the health insurance they deserve.

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